The Montana Retirement Income Advisory is dedicateto finding holistic retirement solutions that best suit the financial circumstances of each family it serves.They know that planning is the key to a successful retirement, and they’re committed to providing individualized service to that end. Every Montanan deserves the peace of mind that a sound retirement plan provides.


Managing your wealth is different than building it. It involves strategies that your accumulation phase didn’t include. That’s why it is helpful to seek expertise from a financial professional about how to best meet your goals for the future. At a boutique financial firm like The Montana Retirement Income Advisory, Shane McCann can assist you in clearly assessing these options.


Your Social Security benefits should never be your sole source of retirement income, but that’s no reason to neglect getting every penny you are owed. For decades now, Shane McCann has been helping Montanans make sure they maximize their Social Security benefits by claiming them at the optimal time for their portfolios and in the way that best suits their households.


You’ve built your portfolio, but how do you apply it to your retirement? This is a question that causes many people issues, even when they have been successful in the accumulation phase of their savings. Financial planner Shane McCann can help you sort out these issues and begin creating secure income streams for the future, so that you can retire with peace of mind.

“We help Montanans’ make retirement decisions to
ensure their money lasts their lifetime.”

The Montana Retirement Income
Advisory Difference

Shane McCann, Founder/President of Montana Retirement Income Advisory, draws from wealth of investment experience.He has traded bonds, stocks, covered calls, mutual funds, 1031 exchanges, REIT’s and private equity. Shane uses this experience to serve his clients’ best interests as they transition from the accumulation to distribution phase of retirement.








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